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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday June 30, 2001

A mixed evening at Cal Expo. The promoters are doing their best to fit in line with the landlord, Cal Expo, who have imposed a curfew at 10.30. This week they ran out of time again, causing no time for track maintenance and having to rush the last few races. This did not prevent many good races to take place throughout the evening.

Scratch Main: 1 Bob Hicks 2 Chad Felicio  3 Bobby Hedden  4 Bart Bast

For the second week in a row the scratch main winner was Bob Hicks. Bob made the best gate and rode well for 3 laps, till the red flag came out. The reason for the red flag was that Chad Felicio and Bobby Hedden going down in turn one, while debating second place. Bart Bast was in fourth place at the time.

Scratch Consi: 1 Eric Carrillo   2 Tommy Hedden  3 Paul Orlandi  4 Bryan Yarrow

Handicap Main: 1 Bryan Yarrow   2 Bart Bast  3 Chad Felicio  4 Bob Hicks  5 Rick Shafer  6 Bobby Hedden

Bryan Yarrow from the 10 yard line had only Rick Shafer ahead at the start. Once past Rick, Bryan made it look easy.

Handicap Consi: 1 Billy Hiles   2 Chris Kerr  3 Paul Orlandi 4 Dave Booth  5 Tommy Hedden

Division 2 Main: 1 Robert Mellor   2 Ron Woodsford  3 Kevin Fereira  4 Harlan Bast Snr  5 Vince Bertolucci  6 Craig Boone

Division 2 Consi: 1 JJ Martynse   2 Devin DeFreece  3 Mike Browne  4 Les Veale  5 Bill Dixon  6 Bill Thomas

An interesting coincidence in this race. First place finisher was the youngest rider in the field at 16.  Last place finisher was the oldest, at 77!  Yes, Bill Thomas is 77 and races competitively at Auburn and Cal Expo every week.

Division 3 Main: 1 Lee Sharp  2 Bruce Baker  3 Dave Baker  4 Richard Gutzke  5 David Fonts  6 Brenton Bast

Juniors Division 1: Mark Carrillo Danny Easley Greg Hooten TJ Fowler

The Junior National this year, to be renamed the Youth National, to bring it in line with European naming conventions, will be the most hard fought one for years. For the last 5 years there has been a favorite, from the beginning of the season. This year it's not the case. Before the first race of the year, Greg Hooten and JT Mabry must have looked favorites, since they were in last year's Division one. The first couple of events this year were won by TJ Fowler. Both Hooten and Fowler have a high probability of winning or falling down, which they both did in this race. In recent weeks Mark Carrillo has ridden strongly. Last week Danny Easley won at both Auburn and Cal Expo. Easley and Carrillo are both consistent finishers. Absent from this the event, Alex Marcucci has made strong showings this year, but has failed to win a race. Same for JT Mabry. Overall summary, we have some great junior Speedway riders coming along, and this year's National on August 31 promises to be an extremely competitive event!

Juniors Division 2: Jeff Butler Tom Fuhrman Bruce Bast Pete King

Juniors Division 3: Ricky Felicio Adam Butler David Robinson Tori Hubbert

Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org

Cal Expo turns 1 and 2 Cal Expo turns 3 and 4

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