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Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

2014 Speedway
April 25, 2014 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
Report By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Happy Birthday wishes to Pirate Co-Promoter Shawn McConnell! Pee Wee 2nd Division Main Event Cameron Titterness for the 2nd Division win.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Tanner Richey, winning the Pee Wee's 1st Division trophy. 150cc action: Sara Cords and Dryden LeoGrande. #1 Sebastian Palmese hunts down #185 Dryden LeoGrande.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Palmese, scorching the rack! Support rider #318 Stephen Simrak, looking for a win. Support action: #116 Chris Jones (center) goes after #101 Mike Wiley with #222 Dalton Leedy threatening.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
Support action: #21 Braden Sauer and Simrak collide in turn three. Leedy beats Wiley to the finish line in the Support Main. #48 Tyson Talkington (left) and #27 Austin Novratil do battle.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway
1st Division, Main Event. Tyson Burmeister and #5 Max Ruml on the outside. Burmeister and Ruml, finishing one-two.
2014 Pirate Speedway 2014 Pirate Speedway  
250cc Main Event #12 Luke Becker (right) tries to reel in #111 Dillon Ruml  

The ominous threat of rain and four competitors couldn't stop Tyson Burmeister from collecting the Scratch Main Event victory at the end of another great night of excellent racing at Pirate Speedway.

When the five riders came out for the main event Burmeister was content to let his competitors draw for starting position and would take the starting position that they left him. He was excited when they left him with gate five.

Burmeister was first off the starting line and trapped the field entering turn one. Max Ruml emerged from the field as the main contender for the lead. Burmeister led after lap one but Max Ruml was within striking distance. Max Ruml came from behind to beat Burmeister in a heat and that was certainly in the back of the leader's mind on lap three as he let his bike run up to the cushion exiting turn two but Max Ruml chose to attack from the inside and closed ground on the back straight. Burmeister still held the lead as they took the white flag and decided to protect the inside line and it paid off as he prevented lightning from striking twice and held off the teenager for the victory. Tyson Talkington finished third, Austin Novratil was fourth, and Russell Green finished fifth.

The riders were greeted with cold weather and dark skies but former Under 21 National Champion Novratil scorched the track to open the evening with a victory. Former Junior National Champion Broc Nicol was victorious in event two. Max Ruml began his evening with a win in event three. Burmeister finished the first round by defeating Rocco Scopellite.

Talkington began the second round with a win over Neil Facchini. Novratil made it two straight wins by holding off Green. Nicol beat "Fast" Eddie Castro for his second consecutive win. Max Ruml stalked Burmeister for three and a half laps before sweeping around the outside in the final corner to score a stunning victory at the finish line in a move that drew a loud ovation from the crowd and a lot of pats on the back when he returned to the pits.

Brad Sauer started the final round with a win but Nicol made it interesting after starting from the penalty line. Novratil made it three for three in event 20. Max Ruml remained perfect by defeating Castro. Burmeister closed out the heats with a win ahead of Davey Shaw who impressively kept Green at bay.

Burmeister and Novratil finished one-two in the first semi and both moved on to the main event. The second semi was halted when Nicol went down in turn one. The sixteen year old was able to restart but would do so from the penalty line. Talkington made the best start on the second attempt but Max Ruml went around the outside of him entering turn three and then Green took second with an outside move of his own and both riders transferred to the main event.

Talkington trapped from the outside in the Last Chance and led to the finish to complete the main event field. Nicol finished second, Brad Sauer was third, and Castro finished fourth.

The first attempt of the Support Main ended prematurely when John Stunkard went down and was unable to safely exit the track. He was penalized for the restart. The second start had two laps in the books but a three-wide battle with Braden Sauer, Stephen Simrak, and Dalton Leedy ended in a heap when Braden Sauer and Simrak went down in turn three and brought out the red flag. Simrak was down for several minutes but was able to walk away. On the third start Dalton Leedy weaved through traffic to take the lead and the victory. Mike Wiley finished second, Braden Sauer was third, Stunkard finished fourth, Richards was fifth, and Simrak was credited with sixth.

Junior National Champion Dillon Ruml made a great start from gate three and kept the hard-charging Luke Becker behind him to record the victory in the Junior 250 Main Event. Kurtis Hamill was third, Michael Wells finished fourth, Travis Hamilton was fifth, and Courtney Crone finished sixth.

Dakota Shockley led the Mini 150 Main Event before Dryden LeoGrande took over entering turn three. Defending National Champion Sebastian "Big Daddy" Palmese worked through the traffic and into second and set his sights on the leader. Dryden LeoGrande kept him at bay before Sebastian Palmese charged up the inside as they entered turn one the final time and took the lead. Sebastian Palmese led the final lap for the victory. Dryden LeoGrande had to settle for second, Sara Cords was third, and Dakota Shockley finished fourth.

Tanner Richey was triumphant in the Pee Wee First Division Main Event with Jonas LeoGrande coming in second, Travis Horn getting third, and Jason Palmese Jr. finishing fourth.

Cameron Titterness won the Pee Wee Second Division Main Event. Cole Ayers was second, Levi Leutz finished third, Adam Csanyi was fourth, Brianna Jones finished fifth, and Adrian Campos was sixth.

The cold weather and imminent rain didn't prevent the racers from putting on a great show for the fans who braved through the chilly weather to witness a great show. The younger generation of racers again took center stage with the main event comprised completely with racers who are under 30 years of age which defies the trend of recent years. The sidecars make their first appearance of 2014 and will certainly add more entertainment to what has been a captivating opening two weeks at Pirate Speedway.

Pee Wee Second Division Main Event
281 - Cameron Titterness
16 - Cole Ayers
3 - Levi Leutz
99 - Adam Csanyi
116 - Brianna Jones
422 - Adrian Campos

Pee Wee First Division Main Event
13 - Tanner Richey
185 - Jonas LeoGrande
25 - Travis Horn
795 - Jason Palmese Jr.

Mini 150 Main Event
1 - Sebastian Palmese 50
185 - Dryden LeoGrande 10
14 - Sara Cords 10
419 - Dakota Shockley 0
27 - Luke Whitcomb 0(non-starter)

Junior 250 Main Event
1 - Dillon Ruml
12n - Luke Becker
104 - Kurtis Hamill
214 - Michael Wells
144 - Travis Hamilton
4 - Courtney Crone

Support Main Event (restarted twice) (awarded)
222 - Dalton Leedy 30
101 - Mike Wiley 20
217 - Braden Sauer 30
249 - John Stunkard 20(penalty line)
345 - Ricky Richards 0
318 - Stephen Simrak 10(non-starter, restart)

First Division Heat Scoring 123T
5 – Max Ruml 3339
14 – Eddie Castro 2226
21 – Brad Sauer 1135
26 – Tyson Burmeister 3238
27 – Austin Novratil 3339
37 – Joe Donaldson 1001
48 – Tyson Talkington 2327
86 – Neil Facchini 1214
100 – Broc Nicol 3328
114 – Troy McConnell 0E00
126 – Rocco Scopellite 2103
145 – Davey Shaw 1023
182 – Rudy Laurer 0011
185 – Kayle LeoGrande 0112
245 – Mike Fuson 0101
321 – Russell Green 2215

Race Results
1: Novratil, Castro, Shaw, LeoGrande
2: Nicol, Green, Facchini, Laurer
3: Ruml, Talkington, Donaldson, McConnell (fell, remounted)
4: Burmeister, Scopellite, Sauer, Fuson
10: Talkington, Facchini, Sauer, Shaw
11: Novratil Green, Scopellite, Donaldson
12: Nicol, Castro, Fuson, McConnell (engine failure)
13: Ruml, Burmeister, LeoGrande, Laurer
19: Sauer, Nicol (tape penalty), LeoGrande, Donaldson
20: Novratil, Talkington, Laurer, Fuson
21: Ruml, Castro, Facchini, Scopellite
22: Burmeister, Shaw, Green, McConnell
Semi #1: Burmeister, Novratil, Castro, Sauer
Semi #2: (restarted) Ruml, Green, Talkington, Nicol (penalty line)

First Division Last Chance
48 - Tyson Talkington
100 - Broc Nicol
21 - Brad Sauer
14 - Eddie Castro

Scratch Main Event
26 - Tyson Burmeister
5 - Max Ruml
48 - Tyson Talkington
27 - Austin Novratil
321 - Russell Green

Ryan Evans

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