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In Memory
R. I. P.

Bob Peters

November 24, 1963 - December 30, 1998

1997 Bob Peters

From Vicky Peters:

I would like to convey to everyone my thanks for their wonderful concern for myself and my family in regards to Bob's death. It was wonderful to see the amount of people that showed up for his memorial service and the e-mails that I received after his funeral. Thank you all.

Bobby loved what he did and took life to the edge in everything he did. He was very much loved by his family and I will miss him very much. Thank you all again for being his friends, I don't think he really knew how many lives he touched in his short time on this planet. God love and bless you all.

Nickname: "Taxi"
Rider Number: 300
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Occupation: Taxi Driver
Wife: Vicki
Children: 5 boys, 2 girls
E-mail: v-b-peters@email.msn.com
Date Started Speedway: Rode speedway for four years.
1997 Photo from Gary Roberts

Bike: Jawa

Tracks Ridden:
USA:Cal Expo, Sacramento - Dixon - Fast Friday Speedway - Solano County Fairgrounds, Sports Arena, Vallejo - San Diego and Tucson ICE Races

1999 - Fast Fridays Events Jun 4, Jul 30
1999 - Cycleland, Chico May 29
1998 - Fast Fridays Events May 22, Jun 19
1998 - Cal Expo Event Jun 27
1997 - Dixon Events Jun 26, Aug 2
1997 - Fast Fridays Events Jun 20, Jul 4, Aug 1
1995 - High Points Champion at Vallejo


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