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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

Orange County Harley-Davidson Night!
August 28, 2004 - Costa Mesa
By: Ryan Evans

2004 Chris Manchester

Chris Manchester and Shaun Harmatiuk were victorious in the First Division main events in front of a large crowd on Harley Night at Costa Mesa on Saturday.

Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz left the line first from his gate three starting position, but he couldn't hold the inside line in turn one. Manchester, starting from gate two, hugged the pole and took control of the race on the back straight. He was followed closely by Mike Faria, but Manchester was unfazed by the presence of the former National Champion and went on to his third Scratch Main victory of the season. Faria was second, Shawn McConnell finished third, Justin Boyle was fourth in his first Costa Mesa Scratch Main, and Schwartz finished fifth.

The Handicap Main required two restarts and three riders failed to make the call for the third attempt. The first try was physical in turn one as last week's winner, Buck Blair, brushed Shaun Harmatiuk aside for the lead and causing him to slide off. Exiting turn four Justin Boyle lifted and took down Blair and himself on the front straight. Everyone was able to get up and Boyle was penalized for the restart. Harmatiuk made the most of his second chance by grabbing the lead. Blair gave chase for a couple laps but went down in turn one. Several riders were able to avoid him, but Boyle clipped him and went down hard. Both riders were able to get up after being down for several minutes, but neither was fit enough to make the restart. Faria was unable to make the restart as well and this left five riders for the third attempt. The last attempt was uneventful as Harmatiuk never allowed second-placed Andy Northrup to gain any ground. Harmatiuk won his second Handicap Main of the season, Northrup held on to second, McConnell finished third, Manchester was fourth, and Eddie Castro finished fifth.

Tony Bracy was first to turn one in the Support Main Event, but wily veteran Steve Murray relieved him of the lead on the back straight. Murray had a comfortable lead, but Nate Perkins made it to second and began to chase him down. Murray was steady, but Perkins made his move in the final corner. The riders drag raced to the checkered flag and it was Murray who came out the victor. Japan's Hideaki Ota was third, Bracy finished fourth, and Rudy Laurer was fifth.

Dan Wensloff held the early lead in the Support B Main Event, but Carl Gazafy went by on the inside entering turn three. Gazafy was pursued by Robert Fiesler for the last three laps, but he held on to win for the second straight week. Steve Dziadus was third, Keith Mullally finished fourth, Mike Boyle was fifth, and Wensloff ended up sixth.
Costa Mesa will be dark next week due to the Labor Day holiday weekend. Racing returns to the world famous bull ring oval on Saturday, September 11 for Fox Night. All ladies will be admitted free on that evening.

Support B Consolation
213 - Mark Sincavage		10
136 - Kim Stevens               10
150 - Damon Barry               10
343n - Jeff Irwin               10
102 - Jim Lavender              20
308 - Hugh Randolph             10

Support B Main Event
176 - Carl Gazafy               20
106 - Robert Fiesler            20
212 - Steve Dziadus             20
185 - Keith Mullally            20
198 - Mike Boyle                20
169 - Dan Wensloff              10

Support Consolation
118 - Scott Tidwell
164 - Rusty Hall
107 - Monte McKeon
269 - Ed Martinez

Support Last Chance
389 - Nate Perkins
178 - Eloy Medellin
163 - Rohn Zellner
144 - Tom Hamilton

Support Main Event
214 - Steve Murray
389 - Nate Perkins
240 - Hideaki Ota
194 - Tony Bracy
182 - Rudy Laurer	(tape penalty)

Handicap Main Event (restarted twice)
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk         	20
166 - Andy Northrup             30
  6 - Shawn McConnell           40
130 - Chris Manchester          50
 14 - Eddie Castro              40
  9 - Mike Faria                50	(retired)
 18 - Justin Boyle              30  	(penalty line) (fell)
 39 - Buck Blair                20   	(fell)

Last Chance
 18 - Justin Boyle
166 - Andy Northrup
 27n - Chris Kerr
 14 - Eddie Castro

Scratch Main Event
130 - Chris Manchester
  9 - Mike Faria
  6 - Shawn McConnell
 18 - Justin Boyle
 11 - Bobby Schwartz
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