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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo
Sacramento, California

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday May 22, 1999

Jim Sisemore wins the Main Event!

Jim Sisemore - 1999

The 1999 American Final the night before was a difficult act to follow, but Sideways Saturdays put on some good racing this week. The track was in great shape despite hot weather throughout the day. There was no shortage of riders and it was a great evening's entertainment.

Scratch Main
1. Jim Sisemore
2. Bart Bast
3. Billy Janniro
4. Mike Faria
On form Jim Sisemore took the gate and set a pace that every one else could only follow. Billy Janniro managed to ease his way past American Final winner Mike Faria on the last lap.

Scratch Consi
1. Robert Curry
2. Bob Hicks
3. Vance Felicio
Glenn Moore qualified, but was a non starter.

Handicap Main
1. Jim Sisemore
2. Bart Bast
3. Mike Faria
4. Robert Curry
5. Ian Ferris
6. Chad Felicio
This race had to be stopped after Ian Ferris found too much traction coming out of turn 2 and looped it, while leading. Robert Curry who was right ran into him, but somehow the rest missed him. Ian was in pain but went back for the re start. Like Billy Janniro and Matt Becker, Ian is another product of the California Junior Speedway program. He has continued to improve in the last couple of seasons.

Handicap Consi
1. Billy Janniro
2. Rich Marcucci
3. Vance Felicio
4. Pat Linn
Matt Becker qualified but was a non starter.

Division2 Main
1. Richard Powell
2. Derek Silva
3. Harlan Bast Snr.
4. Matt Browne
5. Dave Booth
6. Donny Powell

Division2 Consi
1. John O'Connell
2. Steve Arena
3. Mike Browne
4. Bill Thomas
5. Shawn Eldridge
6. Tom Adams

Division3 Main
1. Ivan Sevart
2. Vince Bertolucci
3. Craig Boone
4. Greg Hooten Snr.
5. Harry Bradwell
6. Brian Leventon

Division3 Consi
1. Mark Thomas
2. Les Veale
3. Bill Warnock
4. Bill Dixon
5. Geno Bellino
6. David Fonts

Junior Division1
1. Eric Carrillo
2. Bryan Yarrow
3. Jon Curry
4. AJ Jones
5. JJ Martynse

Junior Division2
1. Ray Linn
2. Alex Marcucci
3. JT Mabry

Junior Division3
1. Mark Carrillo
2. Amanda English
3. Danny Easley
4. Paul Johnson

No racing at Cal Expo for the next 2 Saturdays. They re-open on June 12. Next Saturday Speedway runs again at Chico.

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