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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds - Auburn, CA

2000 Fast Fridays
Fast Fridays
July 28, 2000
From Gary Roberts

Bobby Hedden wins the Scratch and the Handicap Main!

More great racing at Fast Fridays, on a warm but almost humid evening. This kept the track moist, but brought out the bugs. The track remained flat, but there was less than usual dirt on it at the end of the evening. This caused very few riders to try an outside line.

The racing was fast, as always. A visiting competitor from Southern California commented to me that there seemed to be a lot more bumping and contact than is found down south.

There seemed to be a shortage of first division riders. Charlie Venegas got hurt last night at San Bernardino. Chad Felicio got hurt last Saturday at Cal Expo. His suspected broken ankle fortunately turned out to be spraining, swelling and bruising. He should be back next week.

Bobby Hedden - 1999
Scratch Main
1. Bobby Hedden
2. Billy Janniro

Mike Faria and Bart Bast took the last two places. It was very close and from where I was standing impossible to say who took which place.

Bobby Hedden made a fine gate and stayed about a bike length ahead for the entire race. The real battle took place behind him. Janniro established second place, with Bast in third, but Faria's dash for the line could have made it in the last few feet.

Scratch Consi
1. Robert Curry
2. Paul Orlandi
3. Ivan Sevart
4. Matt King

19 year old Ivan Sevart made his first Scratch Semifinal and in the Scratch Consolation race had an anxious moment when he found traction coming out of turn two, rode into Paul Orlandi getting his twistgrip caught in Paul's leathers, and forcing both of them too fast and too far into turn three. They both got round without falling down, the Auburn track has wide corners.

Handicap Main
1. Bobby Hedden
2. Eric Carrillo
3. Billy Janniro
4. Mike Faria
5. Robert Curry
6. Ian Ferris

History was made tonight when Eric Carrillo, 1999 Junior National Champion, took his first Auburn First Division rides. The results were very encouraging for US Speedway. He won his handicap heat, came second in his semifinal and second in the main. Starting from the zero yard line he held a good lead for each race until the last lap. In his semifinal Mike Faria overtook him on the inside on turn one of the last lap. In the main, an on-form Bobby Hedden got took an inside line from turn 4 and passed him feet before the line. Carrillo had a great first night in first division. Hedden was outstanding. With the exception of Carrillo, he overtook everyone else on the outside. One of the few who tried the outside, later in the evening.

Handicap Consi
1. Paul Orlandi
2. Steve Martynse
3. Ryan Fisher
4. Bart Bast
5. Brad Sauer
6. Robbie Sauer
Division 2 Main
1. Chris Kerr
2. Ivan Sevart
3. Robert Mellor
4. Vince Bertolucci
5. George Snodgrass
6. Jon Curry

Chris easily won this race from the 20 yard line and like Eric Carrillo, he is putting several of the Division Two riders to shame. He should be given a ride in Division One soon.

Division 2 Consi
1. Josh West
2. Marvin Sonnier
3. Mark Thomas
4. Mark Hitchcock
5. Craig Boone
6. Derek Silva
7. Rachalle Kerr

Division 3 Main
1. Bruce Baker
2. Ron Woodsford
3. Kelly McBane
4. Richard Doster

Division 3 Consi
1. Eric Ryan
2. Geno Bellino
3. Kevin Fereira
4. Mike Boyle
Junior Division 1
1. JJ Martynse
2. Greg Hooten Jnr.
3. JT Mabry
4. Bryan Yarrow
5. Justin Boyle

Southern California Junior rider Justin Boyle took a heavy tumble earlier in the evening. Without the regular practice that the other junior riders enjoy, he struggled to keep the pace. I sincerely hope that if racing is to return to San Bernardino, a junior program is seen as a priority. The benefits of the Nor Cal Junior program is seen every week. Janniro, Fisher, now Carrillo . . . .

Junior Division 2
1. Danny Easley
2. TJ Fowler
3. Brenton Bast
4. Mark Carrillo
5. Chris Olney

No catching Danny Easley with his newly rebuilt Jawa.

Junior Division 3
1. Paul Johnson
2. Pete King
3. Chris Smith
4. Felicio
5. Amanda English
6. Tom Fehrman
7. RJ Becerra
8. Michael Wade

The crowd of spectators was a bit smaller than usual this week. After last week's multitude crowd, it was nice to be able to stand in the beer line for a more reasonable time.

JJ Martynse
Danny Easley - 1998
 Paul Johnson - 2000
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