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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

Jack Milne Cup
June 10, 2006 - Costa Mesa
By: Ryan Evans

Charlie "The Edge" Venegas won the Jack Milne Cup for the second time in his career with a thrilling performance in the main event at Costa Mesa.

"Flyin" Mike Faria, winner of the past two Jack Milne Cups, entered the main with a perfect score and started from the pole. Venegas, lined up in gate two, got the best start and entered the first corner with the lead. As the field came out of turn two Venegas drifted wide and allowed Faria an opportunity for the lead on the inside as they approached turn three. Faria had the preferred inside line exiting turn four but Venegas found enough traction to creep ahead and pull down to the inside just inches in front of Faria entering turn one. Faria didn't give up without a fight, but Venegas was too determined to be pressured into a mistake. Venegas showed his jubilance with several confident nods during the final lap and took home the Milne Cup. Faria finished second, Bobby Schwartz was third, Bryan Yarrow finished fourth, and Nate Perkins was fifth.

Venegas' evening started on a sour note with a tape penalty in the first race. Castro took the win, but Venegas fought through traffic to get second. Ryan Fisher defeated Tommy Hedden in race two. Faria scored his first victory in race three. Yarrow beat Perkins in the final race of round one.
Round two started with Venegas beating Yarrow for his first win of the night.

Race ten featured a great battle for the lead between Fisher and Castro for nearly two laps. The race ended when they made contact in turn four with Castro hitting the ground while Fisher was sent into the wall. The mishap also collected former National Under 21 Champion Justin Boyle as well. Both riders were down for an extended length of time. Fisher was carried off and eventually went to the hospital with a broken bones in his lower left leg and foot. Boyle was transported to the hospital with possible broken ribs. The race was restarted with just two remaining riders. Castro was penalized as the cause of the restart leaving Perkins by himself at the tapes. The result was predictable with Perkins taking the win.
Faria made it two in a row with a victory in race eleven. Schwartz ended the second round with his first win.

Venegas began the final round with his second straight win. Buck Blair beat Skyler Greyson in race 17 with both riders earning enough points to make the semis. Faria remained perfect by defeating Schwartz in the next race. Shawn McConnell was victorious over Perkins in the final heat race.

In the first semi it was Schwartz who led on lap one, but Venegas battled him on the outside. Schwartz held the lead firmly and Venegas settled onto the inside line behind the leader and followed him into the main event. The second semi was all Faria as his fourth victory transferred him to the main with Perkins finishing second. Yarrow won the Last Chance to take the fifth and final spot in the main.

Chris Metoyer was very smooth and won the Support Main Event for the first time in 2006. Billy Braden finished second, Robert Fiesler was third, Scott Tidwell finished fourth, and Bryan Buffington was fifth.

Steve Dziadus Jr. jumped into the lead at the start of the Support B Main Event and ran away with an easy victory. Kim Stevens was second, Dan Wensloff finished third, and Mark Lane was fourth.

Jason Ramirez was victorious in the Junior Main Event. Gino Manzares was second, Austin Novratil finished third, and Joey Holt was fourth.

The Jack Milne Cup honors the 1937 World Speedway Champion who was a pioneer of speedway in its early days and was also an integral part of its rebirth in Southern California in the late 1960s. Milne helped Harry Oxley bring speedway to the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa and was a fixture at the world famous track throughout the final years of his life.


Junior Speedway Main Event
 66 - Jason Ramirez
 21 - Gino Manzares
  8 - Austin Novratil
114 - Joey Holt               	(fell)

Support B Consolation
238 - Travis Henderson
212 - Steve Dziadus Sr.
288 - Rick Fritch
132 - Justin Hassan          	(fell, remounted)

Support B Main Event
272 - Steve Dziadus, Jr.     	10
136 - Kim Stevens             	10
169 - Dan Wensloff             	10
326 - Mark Lane               	20
198 - Mike Boyle              	20  	(non starter)
194 - Tony Bracy               	20	(non starter)

Support Consolation
389 - Ryan Tovatt
228 - Shane Kump
182 - Rudy Laurer
309 - Vince Giamformaggio 

Support Last Chance
118 - Scott Tidwell
178 - Eloy Medellin
176 - Carl Gazafy           	(fell)
338 - Dave Delbridge    	(retired)

Support Main Event
148 - Chris Metoyer
117 - Billy Braden
106 - Robert Fiesler
118 - Scott Tidwell
 77 - Bryan Buffington

First Division Scoring		1	2	3		T
  6 - Shawn McConnell          	3     	3    	4           	10
  8n - Bryan Yarrow           	4    	3    	2           	9
  9 - Mike Faria              	4     	4    	4           	12
 11 - Bobby Schwartz           	1     	4    	3           	8
 13 - Nate Perkins             	3    	4    	3           	10
 14 - Eddie Castro             	4    	3    	1           	8
 18 - Justin Boyle             	1    	N    	N          	1
 20 - Skyler Greyson          	2     	3    	3           	8
 29 - George Fox               	F    	0    	1          	1
 36 - Ryan Fisher              	4    	N    	N          	4
 39 - Buck Blair               	2     	2    	4           	8
 40n - Tommy Hedden           	3     	2    	2           	7
 43 - Charlie Venegas         	3     	4    	4           	11
105 - Michael Hernandez       	F    	0    	1          	1
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk         	2     	1    	3           	6
145 - Mark Dwyer               	1    	2    	2           	5
248 - Brian Starr              	F    	1    	1          	2
293 - Rick Valdez              	0    	0    	0           	0
301 - Dale Facchini            	2    	1    	2           	5

Race Results
 1: Castro, Venegas (tape penalty), Harmatiuk, Fox (fell)
 2: Fisher, Hedden, Blair, Dwyer, Valdez
 3: Faria, McConnell, Facchini, Boyle, Hernandez (fell)
 4: Yarrow, Perkins, Greyson, Schwartz, Starr (fell)
 9: Venegas, Yarrow, Hedden, Starr, Valdez
10: (restarted) Perkins, Castro (penalty line), Fisher (non starter), Boyle (non starter)
11: Faria, Greyson, Dwyer, Harmatiuk, Hernandez
12: Schwartz, McConnell, Blair, Facchini, Fox
16: Venegas, Harmatiuk, Facchini, Castro, Fisher (non starter), Boyle (non starter)
17: Blair, Greyson, Yarrow, Starr (fell, remounted)
18: Faria, Schwartz, Hedden, Fox
19: McConnell, Perkins, Dwyer, Hernandez, Valdez
Semi #1: Schwartz, Venegas, Castro, McConnell, Hedden
Semi #2: Faria, Perkins, Yarrow, Blair, Greyson (retired)

Last Chance
  8n - Bryan Yarrow
 14 - Eddie Castro
  6 - Shawn McConnell
 39 - Buck Blair		(fell)

Jack Milne Cup Final
 43 - Charlie Venegas
  9 - Mike Faria
 11 - Bobby Schwartz
  8n - Bryan Yarrow
 13 - Nate Perkins

Past Winners
1998 - Bobby Schwartz       	2002 - Scott Brant
1999 - Gary Hicks          	2003 - Scott Brant
2000 - Charlie Venegas      	2004 - Mike Faria
2001 - Gary Hicks		        2005 - Mike Faria
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