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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, CA

August 22, 1997 Track Championships
Fast Fridays, Auburn
From: Gary Roberts and RC Jones

From: RC Jones
Did not get to the track championship on Aug 22. Heard that Louis Kossuth won with a max 15 and Bobby Heddon was second after a run off with Bart Bast...

From: Eris Carrillo
"Last Friday, Eric Carrillo won Auburn's Junior Division One Track Championship. Being consistant was the key. His first heat he was only third, the second heat 2nd, and won the last one hands down. After watching the video, it looks like Bryon Yarrow was trying to get by him on the last corner of the last lap and he went down by himself, backing it in too hard. All Bryon needed was a 2nd to clinch the title. "

From: Gary Roberts
Appologies for the delay in posting, I was out of town.
Louis Kossuth rode flawlessly to five wins and looked like a winner from the start. Bart Bast was somehow not up to his usual standard, losing points to Sisemore and Kossuth, then losing the run-off for second place to Bobby Hedden.
Bob Hicks was down on points from what was expected, losing 3 certain points to a mechanical failure.
Also riding very fast was Billy Janniro, who also lost 3 points when his rear chain snapped.
Most spectacular move of the evening went to Vance Felicio who reared coming out of turn 2 and went through the crash wall, taking out an 8x4 section of plywood and framing. Fortunately nobody was on the other side, and although shaken, Vance was OK. It could have been very nasty. The top 8 point scorers from divisions 2 and 3 ran two qualifying heats, with first 2 places going to finals.


Louis Kossuth   15   1997 Auburn track champ.
Bobby Heddon    13   2nd
Bart Bast       13   3rd
Jim Sisemore  12
Billy Janniro    9
Chad Felicio     8
Pat Linn         8
Dave Faria      7
Bob Hicks        7
Vance Felicio    6
Matt Becker      6
Robert Curry     5
Kelly Bennett    5
Travis MacDonald 4
Steve Martynse   2
Rick Shafer      0

Second Division
1.  Jeremy Martinez
2.  Matt King
3.  Josh West
4.  Harlan Bast Snr.

Third Division
1.  Tom Adams
2.  Josh Kramer
3.  Billy Dixon
4.  Dennis Cassidy

Juniors Div 1
1.  Eric Carrillo
2.  Chris Kerr
3.  Luke Bennett

Juniors Div 2
1.  Anthony Martinez
2.  AJ Jones
3.  Jay Heidt

Juniors Div 3
1.  Josh Newby
2.  Brad Worthen
3.  Scott Hawley


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